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More than 15 years of excellence with you!

EuroLingual's Commitment

More than 15 years of experience teaching English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese. Familiar atmosphere!



Private, Semiprivate, Group lessons, online, in-company and business lessons, preparation of exams, lessons for kids and seniors or travel courses.


EuroLingual-Proofreading, editing and translations

Translations, Interpretations, proofreading and editing services are available in all our 7 European languages


EuroLingual-Our staff

Experienced, highly-qualified and motivated native teachers well-trained with our innovative and communicative Teaching Method, to develop your skills.


EuroLingual-Study Abroad support

We have a network of partner schools around the world and give you support. Travel overseas, learn a new culture and enhance your language level!...



Placed in charming neighbourhoods of Chayamachi and Fukushima, minutes away from Umeda Station, in the downtown of Osaka.  At-home school.


EuroLingual-Events, parties, seminars

Many cultural events, seminars, guest lectures, singing and cooking lessons, parties, etc. Activities in real cross-cultural environment.


EuroLingual-Our blog

Blog in Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese about cultural facts, experience of students, etc. Join us!


EuroLingual-Contact us by mail

Send us a mail for more information regarding our classes, services, application for events or job recruitment, etc.!



  • More than 20 years teaching languages.
  • School housed in a charming villa in the downtown of Umeda and our recently open branch in Fukushima.
  • Bright and spacious classrooms.
  • A friendly, yet professional, environment.
  • International environmental.
  • Group lessons with no more than 4 people.
  • Open all around the year
  • Personalized attention is given to each student's individual needs.
  • Students come first and our top priority is to satisfy their needs.
  • Communication  is strengthen from the first day of lesson.
  • All language courses are accompanied by a rich selection of cultural activities.
  • Native instructors, all of them bilingual or multilingual.
  • All of our instructors are highly trained in the teaching with our method.
  • We maintain rigorous teaching standards.
  • Study abroad support with a large experienced network of schools.




     EuroLingual is a leading school in European languages:  Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese, Russian and survival Japanese for tourists.  It was founded in 2006  by teachers specialized in language teaching and since its opening the school has focussed on the teaching of Italian to Japanese and later was opening other European languages in its syllabus.  We are  located in our “at home” welcoming school in the elegant and fascinating district of Chayamachi, in the heart of Umeda (Osaka) and in Fukushima-ward. 


     EuroLingual offers language courses at any level, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C2) of the CEFR, in private courses, small groups, online lessons, preparatory courses to language certifications, travel courses, in-company lessons and cultural activities such as cooking lessons, singing lessons, events, etc. that will help the student to fully enjoy the language course and to deepen the comprehension and communication abilities in informal and relaxed situations.  Additionally we offer a strong support for those who want to study abroad with a wide network of affiliated schools   all over the world.


     Language courses are held by highly experienced and qualified mother-tongue teachers, all of they are bilingual or multilingual.  We especially designed our own dynamic and pleasant 3W-Learning Method, that guarantees a full-immersion in languages, communicating in authentic language untainted by the use of other languages.  We are different from multi-language schools which use the usual, conventional syllabus. The teachers' aim is to motivate the students to participate actively in their lessons and extra-curricular activities.  


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