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EuroLingual (Umeda & Fukushima) School!


Co. Name

EuroLingual, Inc.


Alberto Bainotti, PhD.

(University of Hiroshima, Japan)


Asahi Plaza Umeda #1203 ,

4-11 Tsuruno-cho, Kita-ku,

530-0014 Osaka,  Japan


〒530-0014 大阪府大阪市北区鶴野町4-11





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Languages Courses:  English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian.  

In-company Lessons

At home Tutor Lessons

Cooking Lessons, Singing Lessons

Planning for events

Translations-Interpretation Services

Study Abroad and Home Stay Support


Japan Post Bank

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.  (Branch Umeda)

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (Branch: Osaka Sta.)


Greetings from the President


Welcome to EuroLingual!


Bainotti, Alberto (President)

In this 21st century world has changed dynamically and Osaka in Japan, does not escape this reality.  Our school is located in the centre of Osaka in the district of Umeda, in the absolute heart of the city, amidst prestigious shops and modern buildings.  EuroLingual is close to all services and is easily reached by public transport and the neighborhood has been visiting by a lot of foreign tourists in recent years showing that Osaka is becoming a more cosmopolitan city.  From now on everyone will have more and more business opportunities, tourism to overseas, communication with foreigners, etc.  and in the future, everyone may also be able to speak other languages besides English.  


I am Italian native from Milan and was growing in a multilingual environment from an early age.  For that reason, now, being engaged in language education I  can know the difficulties that a beginner in a new language has.  Speaking Italian, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Japanese in my daily life, I can use my sense based on the wide knowledge and teach my mother tongues what gives me the opportunity to learn also for me, and that becomes a great stimulation for my lessons.


At EuroLingual we specialize in teaching several European languages and students are able to learn not only a language but also culture in an at home welcoming atmosphere.   We focus our attention in creating a balanced learning environment to develop the ability to speak a foreign language.  Our hope is that you spend your valuable time with us not only through our global standard cultural and interesting lessons given by experienced  and qualified mother-tongue teachers from many nationalities but also enjoying our cooking lessons, events, parties, etc.   

If you think that learning a language is an investment for your future or a way to deepen your education to know the world, do not hesitate and choose by all means... EuroLingual.




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