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Trial Lessons

     For those interested in doing a Trial Lesson we suggest to contact us and fill in the application form.  We would request you also to inform us the date and time that is convenient for you.  We will try to arrange the Trial Lesson that is suitable for both the student and the teacher's availability.  Later we will adjust a schedule for the Trial Lesson and contact you again.

     The surcharge for accepting a Trial Lesson is ¥ 3,500 per language tested. In case you agree to apply for a specific course in our school the fee of the Trial Lesson will be returned during the admission procedure within 15 days from the Trial Lesson course day.

     Trial Lessons generally are individual lessons but you can also asked to attend a Trial Lesson with a friend of you.

     After the Trial Lesson, the staff member then explains the EuroLingual system and presents the contract.  After signing the contract, the first lesson with the instructor will then be confirmed.


Tuition Fees Menu

     This is the menu of prices for each General Language Course that EuroLingual offers in the following languages: Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese and Russian.

     All prices listed here are referred to regular courses (after 5 pm on week days and the week ends).  For other special courses (day time, etc.)  or campaigns, refer to each particular course.



(min x times

per month)


(1 pers)



(2 pers)


(3〜5 pers)

50mx2 times ¥ 10,500  ¥ 9,000  
50mx3 times ¥ 14.900  ¥ 11,500  
50mx4 times ¥ 19,500 ¥ 13.500 ¥ 10,000
80mx4 times ¥ 29,500 ¥ 19,500 ¥ 14,900
110mx4 times ¥ 39,500 ¥ 26,500 ¥ 19,500
110mx6 times ¥ 58,000  ¥ 37,000


※ The General Language Course prices listed above include all the taxes.  Any kind of didactic materials are not included.  All prices are per person in yens (¥) unless otherwise specified.


     For prices about Special Language Courses and Other Services, please contact us by mail.


     Payment can be made through bank deposit into: Post Office Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (Umeda Branch) or Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (Osaka Station Branch)


Paypal payment with cards

     From abroad, it is also possible online payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) through your PayPal account.  For more information, contact us.

Entrance Fee

     Now we are in campaign!  Then the normal Entrance Fee of ¥ 10,000 has a 50% OFF!

     In addition, if you do your entry with your friends, an additional ¥ 2,500 OFF to everyone will be applied during the admission procedure!

     Do not miss this opportunity!


New: Campaign 50% Off Entrance Fee!

Campaign 50% Off in Entrance fee

Regular ¥10,000 ⇒ ¥5,000

Office Hours and School closure dates

Mon-Fri: 9.00am~9.00pm. Sat: 9.00am~4.00pm.

Closure dates:  Sun, Japanese public national holidays and other holidays, Golden Week, Obon holiday and New Year holiday: closed.


EuroLingual + EuroCulture 
Combination lessons!

     Now you can combine EuroLingual and EuroCulture Lessons!  Language courses (EuroLingual) are basically taken in both EuroLingual-Umeda and EuroLingual-Fukushima, and cultural courses (EuroCulture) are basically taken in Fukushima school.


     You can choose from attending at both schools or affiliated schools. You can arrange it as you like within the number of times, and different lessons every month. See here the complete price list of combined language lessons and cultural courses.




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