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EuroLingual-Cooking lessons


    For those who love European cuisine, EuroLingual offers various types of courses and classes, for beginners, intermediate and advanced in groups (with a maximum of 10 participants) or individual.

     The courses are held in the school’s fully-equipped kitchen by professionals from the wine and food industry and in an environment which is professional yet friendly.  It is possible to prepare a complete menu or to prepare first courses, second courses or side dishes.

     Enjoy the culinary lessons  creating dishes of meat and fresh vegetable in spring; dishes of tasty fish  and salads in summer; dishes of potage, truffles, cabbage, chestnut and mushroom in fall; and dishes of poultry, tarts and cakes in winter.  Depending on the language level, courses may be taught in an European language (giving then the possibility to practice the language) and/or Japanese. Lessons start with the introduction of ingredients, a short description of the recipes and then one learns the true art of cooking by participating hands-on in an elaborate step by step process of the course meal you are about to create! 


Cooking lessons at EuroLingual, is a special event in group lessons to have culinary skills in European cuisine. Learn European kitchen and Italian, Spanish, French or English.

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Customized Cooking Lessons


     Customized and cooking lesson, like cooking classes held by our school, cooking classes are planned by your friends.

     Choose the theme of the dish you want to try, learn European cuisine from the chefs or teachers of our school, share everything completed with time and effort, create a special moment like a foreign home party.  Why don't you try with your own hands?

 You are welcome to visit us!


【Personnel】Minimum 5 people up to 10

【Hour】Monday ~ Saturday between 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 up to 4 hours

【Cost】¥30,000 + material cost

*  We can prepare appetizers and preparation, drinks and dessert, etc.

*  With souvenirs.


     First of all, please let us know your request freely, such as cooking from European cuisine, in the request form. While exchanging by e-mail, we will decide the date and time of the meeting, necessary items etc. and estimate the cost of material cost. Please pay directly at our school at least one week before the opening date.


Examples of European Cuisine

  • Italy:  Lasagna, Ravioli, Gnocchi, etc.  Pizza, Risotto, Bagna cauda, Acqua Pazza, Cotoletta, Tiramisù, etc.
  • Spanish speaking countries: Paella, Gazpacho, Cocido, Ajillo, Tortilla, Tacos, Chile con Carne, Enchiladas, Ceviche, Arroz con leche, etc
  • France: Boeuf bourguignon, Bouillabaisse, Fondue au fromage, Galette, Crêpe, Macarons, etc.
  • English-speaking countries: Fish & chips, Roast Beef, Meat Pie, Roast Turkey, Casserole, Scorns, Apple Pie, etc.
  • Germany: Hamburg, Eintopf, Kartoffelbrei, Maultasche, Bratwurst (sausage) and Sauerkraut, Schnitzel, Stollen, Strüdel, etc.
  • Portuguese speaking countries: Bacalhau (or) and Sardinhas, Caldo Verde, Feijoada, Moqueca, Churrasco, Pão de Ló, Pastel de Belem, Brigadeiro. etc.
  • Russia: Borsch, Olivier · Vinegrette salads, Shuba salad, Piroshky, Blinchiki, Shashlik, Pascha, etc.


Customs-made Party


       Custom-made party is like an event held by our school but to organize a party among your friends.

      Why not create a special moment with your instructor like a party in a foreign home with your own theme with the language learned at EuroLingual?

       Our staff will be prepared the necessary content, explanation about the language, etc. We will help you.

       You are welcome to visit us without bringing anything in particular!  


【Personnel】 Minimum 5 people up to 10

【Hour】Monday ~ Saturday between 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 up to 3 hours

【Cost】 ¥50,000 ~ Negotiable (It depends on theme)  

* We will buy all the materials for all dishes we procure materials, cook, and offer (requests will be accepted)

* Basically, buffet style, drinks all you can drink, souvenirs.   


     First of all, please let us know your request freely according to the theme of European languages from the request form.

     While exchanging by e-mail, we will decide the date and time of the meeting, necessary matters etc. and estimate the cost.  Please pay directly at our school at least one week before the opening date.


Examples of Topics of European Events

Several topics about art (music · movie · architecture, etc.), trial exercise of a trip abroad, petit conversation learning society, wine and cuisine from each country, association for cooking, study abroad support seminars, trial lessons & meals for everyone, monthly lessons by everyone & meals, afternoon tea party, singing lessons & snacks, recreation of events organized by our school in the past, etc.


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