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     Lessons are held in small groups (minimum 3 students, maximum 5). Group language courses at EuroLingual are a nice way to socialize and interact while learning a new language and culture. 

Group Lessons at EuroLingual Language School are small group language courses.

       During conversation sessions teachers put current topics forward with CDs, written materials, group activities, vocabulary building, dialogues, commentaries, thus encouraging learners to take part in discussions and make their own contributions.


    Language workshop lessons are a combination of applied grammar and conversation where role plays and class games are used to simulate daily situations, in which relevant vocabulary is constantly presented and practiced.


Group Lessons:
Pros and Cons


  • The tuition fee is the best deals among all the courses
  • It is easy to grasp your weak points and learning progress because you can observe lessons objectively in other talk scenes, etc. of other students and share the contents of the learning contents and level comparison
  • By learning with classmates, motivation is easy to maintain because of stimulus and influence
  • There are opportunities to encounter many expressive ways owned by people of different age, and you can debate
  • Easy to manage time for weekly lesson lessons


  • There may be cases where the number of remarks decreases or the class does not become familiar with when the level difference between students is large
  • Because the time each student can speak is limited, a certain amount of time is required for improving the speaking skills.
  • Before other students, you can not ask questions that you want to hear, you will often use more distractions
  • As in other courses, you can not customize the lesson, it is left to the judgment of the instructor
  • It is relatively difficult to perfectly correct the wrong expressions

In addition, group lessons are suitable for the following people.

  • You like to get in touch with people
  • You want to limit the lessons' cost
  • Motivation can be demonstrated in a fun learning environment
  • You feel uneasy about one-to-one foreign language lessons
  • You want to acquire various expressions in the long term

In group lessons, there is a side where each student cooperatively creates classes, and not only lecturers but also active cooperation of everyone enables better management.

Lesson fee is profitable, but in order to learn our method effectively, we need your efforts to participate by each one person according to the learning plan presented by the instructor.

The proper lesson style will be different for each due to various factors such as the character of the person who studies a foreign language, the living environment and so on.

Private Lessons · Semi-Private Lessons · Group Lessons:   It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each, and choose the learning style that suits you.


Group Lesson Advantages

Small groups of 3~5 persons!

Small groups of
3~5 persons!


With fixed schedule, time is easy to manage!

With fixed schedule,
time is easy to manage!


Among our lessons, the best deals!

Among our lessons,
the best deals!

Making friends, in funny lessons!

Making friends
in funny lessons!


Freely debate in foreign language!

Freely debate
in foreign language!


Group Lesson
 Monthly Price List


Min x Classes



& Seniors

Special Campaign

50 min x

4 classes







80 min x

4 classes






110 min x

4 classes






All prices include VAT. 

❖  Regular course:  Monday ~ Friday,  9:00-21:00, and Saturday 9:00-16:00

❖  Daytime course:  Monday ~ Friday, 9: 00 ~ 17: 00

❖  Senior course is for those over 60 yr

❖  Special campaign price is applied when specifically designated by the school


EuroLingual + EuroCulture 
Combination lessons!

     Now you can combine EuroLingual and EuroCulture Lessons!  Language courses (EuroLingual) are basically taken in both EuroLingual-Umeda and EuroLingual-Fukushima, and cultural courses (EuroCulture) are basically taken in Fukushima school.


     You can choose from attending at both schools or affiliated schools. You can arrange it as you like within the number of times, and different lessons every month. See here the price list of combined group language lessons and cultural courses.


New: Campaign 50% Off Entrance Fee!

Campaign 50% Off in Entrance fee

Regular ¥10,000 ⇒ ¥5,000



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