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     The one-to-one course can be enlarged to include a second person of the same level. Two-to-one lessons are almost like individual lessons because they are also taylor-made lessons.

Semi Private Lessons at EuroLingual Language School (Osaka, Umeda) are suitable for partners, colleagues or friends.

       Especially suitable for partners, colleagues or friends. Its period and length can be arranged by the two students themselves. The two-person tuition intensifies rapid learning because teachers can devote themselves to the specific learning needs of the students.


     The two students have the right to choose subjects for study (art, literature, music, poetry, history, cultural and social life, business, etc.). The students may also choose the number of hours and the times of lessons, these being previously agreed with the Secretary.


Semiprivate Lessons:
Pros and Cons


  • As a family member and friends can receive lessons in a way close to private lessons at a great price, the lecturer can understand the students well and the students can ask efficiently as many questions as they want 
  • Since you can observe lessons objectively in partner's talk scenes etc., you can also share the level of learning content and compare levels, so you can easily grasp your own weaknesses and learning progress
  • Since you will attend classes without pressure, you will work at your own pace without concern, it is easy to maintain motivation while encouraging
  • There are opportunities to meet many expression methods of both sides and you can debate
  • Easy to customize level setting and lesson if 2 people start as beginners at the same time


  • Although the tuition fee is relatively cheap, it does not mean that you can completely stop the instructor like a private lesson, and the amount of utterance is somewhat reduced (although it can be improved to some extent by increasing attendance time)
  • It is necessary to adjust the class hours and the learning progress of the two classes, and the degrees of freedom are lower as compared with private lessons
  • It is desirable that the two people have similar levels

In addition, semiprivate lessons are suitable for the following people.

  • You want to be able to enjoy foreign languages happily
  • You are seeking cheap and efficient lessons
  • Continuously learn foreign languages and aim for level improvement
  • You can build a study plan together with two friends 
  • In private lesson you feel uncomfortable and in a group of adults you feel also anxious

In a semiprivate lesson, it is difficult to adjust in a group lesson, it is possible to change the contents of the lesson according to their learning progress and situation.

Lesson fee is less expensive compared to private lessons, and it can be said that it is a lesson method that you can expect to learn a foreign language effectively.

The proper lesson style will be different for each due to various factors such as the character of the person who studies a foreign language, the living environment and so on.

Private Lessons · Semiprivate Lessons · Group Lessons:   It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each, and choose the learning style that suits you.


Semiprivate Lesson Advantages

Choose the favorite day of your lesson

Choose your favorite
course day!


Make-up lessons are always possible!

Make-up lesson
always possible!


You can arrange the content of the lesson to your speed

Arrange lesson content
with your friend or family!

High fun lessons at a low price!

High fun classes
at a low price!


Both at school and Online lessons

Both at school and
Online lessons are OK!


Semiprivate Lesson
 Monthly Price List


Min x Classes



& Seniors


50 min x

2 classes







50 min x

3 classes







50 min x

4 classes







80 min x

4 classes







110 min x

4 classes







110 min x

6 classes







All prices include VAT. 

❖  The above rates are per person

❖  Regular course:  Monday ~ Friday,  9:00-21:00, and Saturday 9:00-16:00

❖  Daytime course:  Monday ~ Friday, 9: 00 ~ 17: 00

❖  Senior course is for those over 60 yr

❖  Online course:   Only valid for lessons by Skype/Zoom


EuroLingual + EuroCulture 
Combination lessons!

     Now you can combine EuroLingual and EuroCulture Lessons!  Language courses (EuroLingual) are basically taken in both EuroLingual-Umeda and EuroLingual-Fukushima, and cultural courses (EuroCulture) are basically taken in Fukushima school.


     You can choose from attending at both schools or affiliated schools. You can arrange it as you like within the number of times, and different lessons every month. See here the price list of combined semiprivate language lessons and cultural courses.


New: Campaign 50% Off Entrance Fee!

Campaign 50% Off in Entrance fee

Regular ¥10,000 ⇒ ¥5,000



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