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Lessons for Seniors at EuroLingual


     This course is specifically designed for more mature students over the age of 60. Students will learn language in a more pleasant and relaxing environment than in the intensive courses, accompanied by a wide variety of cultural activities.

Lessons for Senior at EuroLingual Language School is a course with friendly lessons to learn European languages.

     This fun and friendly program focuses on the practical use of the language in everyday situations. Each level will have different objectives. For students at a basic level, the class will consist of conversational language for daily life situations - for example, ordering something in a bar or restaurant, going shopping, booking a hotel room, or asking for information about a destination. For advanced students the objective will be to expand their knowledge of language, culture and life. These students will learn about the civilization, literature, history, art, architecture, cooking, etc.

     This course could be also thought as a private, semiprivate or group course.


Senior Private Lesson Advantages

 Choose your favorite day

Choose your favourite
course day!


Make-up lesson is also possible

Make-up lesson
always possible!


You can arrange the content of the lesson to your speed

Arrange lesson content
according to your speed!

High quality lessons at a low price!

High quality classes
at a low price!


Senior welcome Special discount♪

Seniors welcome!
Special discount!


Senior Lesson
Monthly Price List


Min x Classes


(1 pers.)



(2 pers.)


(3〜5 pers.)

50 min x

2 classes






50 min x

3 classes






50 min x

4 classes







80 min x

4 classes







110 min x

4 classes







110 min x







All prices include VAT. 

❖  Semiprivate and group course charge is for person.




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