Survival Japanese Lessons
for Travelers to Japan
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Survival Japanese Lessons for travelers to Japan


If you don’t speak Japanese, visiting Japan can be a daunting experience.

Survival Japanese for travellers to Japan

In an intensive 50-minute class at our convenient downtown Osaka location, or at your home (online lessons by Skype/Zoom) our experienced teachers will guide you through the basics you need to get by as a tourist, including both Japanese language skills and practical advice.


Visit Japan!

Avoid the mistakes most people make, and enjoy your time in Japan to the full!  

Lessons are private, and focus on just the topics you want, so you don’t waste any time.

Come and join us, enjoy your communication in Japanese right after your first lesson with us.


Our Teachers

All our teachers are native European people, university graduated, who speak English as well as Japanese, so you’ll have no problem making yourself understood. They know very well Japanese language and culture because they are living here for long time.  They will transmit all their knowledge for you to have a nice stay in Japan!


Native Languages:  English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese.

Topics Covered

In the Weekly Course, you will leave class each day with a new skill. You'll be able to say "Today, I learned how to do ~  in Japanese".  Each class is based on a different communication skill theme, so it's easy to feel your own progress. During special intonation and speech training periods, you will practice the phrases you learn until you can use them correctly and accurately.  You will also improve your Japanese pronunciation and intonation through shadowing and other methods.

This course will cover 3-4 of the topics below, time permitting and according to the student's request:


 Simple greetings and self-introduction

Simple greetings and


Asking and giving directions on the street

Asking and giving
directions on the street


Private lessons with your requested topics!

Going shopping and
buying tickets

 Ordering and paying at the restaurant

Ordering and paying
at the restaurant


Taking public transport (train, bus, taxi, etc)

Taking public transport
(train, bus, taxi, etc)


Making friends in Japan!

Making friends
in Japan!

Other topics upon request:

  • Making appointments
  • Telephoning
  • Emergencies and asking for help.


This is an intensive Japanese Survival Course that enables students to enjoy daily life by learning minimum level of Japanese.  Custom-made curriculum will be provided to meet individual needs and schedule. Students will find this course especially useful and will become comfortable to communicate with local Japanese.  You have plenty of practice time using Japanese in conversation, role-play and in lively language activities. 


Top 5 Reasons Our Course Is Better

 Choose your schedule and leave free time for tourism!

Choose your schedule and
leave free time for tourism!


European instructors long time living in Japan

European instructors
long time living in Japan


Private lessons with your requested topics!

Private lessons with
your requested topics!

High quality lessons at low prices!

High quality lessons
at low prices!


Web lessons and/or lessons at EuroLingual

Web lessons and/or
lessons at EuroLingual



  • At our school, conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk from Osaka Umeda Station!
  • Online lessons are also available, using Skype/Zoom.


  • Lessons: 50-minute class.
  • 3 Courses:  You have to choose to buy a pack of 10, 15 or 20 lessons.
  • Duration of courses:  You have to use the lessons within 2 or 3 months according to the course plan you choose.


  • Lessons (both at EuroLingual School and online) will be held during the school open hours according to the JST (Japan Standard Time):
    Monday-Friday:  9.00am~9.00pm. Saturday: 9.00am~4.00pm.
  • Closure dates: Sundays, Japanese public national holidays and other holidays, Golden Week, Obon holiday and New Year holiday: closed.
  • Please let us know your available time for the lessons.  We will check our teachers schedule.

Tuition Fee

  • Taxes are included.
  • Lesson-by-lesson payment is not accepted.  All the set of lessons should be payed at once.
  • Any discount is not applicable to this course.
  • Payment in cash:  (for lesson at EuroLingual)  one day before starting lessons at school.
  • Payment from abroad (for online lessons), it is also possible online payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) through our authorized payment processor PayPal.  For more information, contact us.  Payment should be done one week before first lesson starts.
Paypal payment
  • Course schedule: must be fixed 2 weeks in advance to the starting date and cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Trial lesson:  Please note that this is a special course with no free trial lesson offered.  Our trial lesson costs ¥3,500 and should be payed by Paypal.  Trial lesson lasts about 30-40 min.  If you chose to enter to EuroLingual, this value will be deduced from the total amount of your course (then, you can consider it as free).
  • School registration fee:  As a member of our school you are requested to pay an entrance free of  ¥5,000 which will give you the advantage to participate in any kind of event we hold during your stay at EuroLingual.
  • Cancellation:  After payment, no cancellation or return fee is allowed.


Min x Classes

used within 2 months

used within 3 months

50 min x10 classes



50 min ×15 classes





50 min ×20 classes





All prices include VAT. 

n.b.:  There are 3 Course plans of lessons:  10, 15 or 20 lessons (50 min per lesson).  You can choose to use them within 2 or 3 months.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Make an appointment by filling this form "Contact Us".
  2. Visit EuroLingual or contact through Skype/Zoom for an interview.  Fill in a questionnaire. Our counselor will give you a brief on the course details. Confirm the lesson schedule together. Full Lesson Fee settlement  
    [Note] Both the interview process and lesson fee settlement need to be completed at least one day (in case of lessons at our school) or one week (in case of online lessons) before the lesson begins.
  3. Lesson begins


  • Please, refrain to apply to this course if you don't have the proper visa.  Sorry but we do not provide Student Visa.
  • However, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, nationals and citizens of many countries and regions are not required to obtain visas to enter Japan when their visits are tourism, commerce, conferences, visiting relatives/acquaintances, etc.  Visitors from most Western countries and other countries with a visa-waiver agreement with Japan do not need a student visa in order to attend language courses three months or shorter




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