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Travel Lessons at EuroLingual


     This course gives you confidence communicating during your trip. This course will prepare you to use simple, conversational language effectively in common travel situations such as: greetings, meeting people, booking a hotel reservation, ordering a meal, city transportation, and directions.

Each session involves learning a clearly-defined set of key expressions (e.g. “at a restaurant”, “buying a ticket”) and practice with the teacher in fun, real-life travel situations, as if you were really there in Europe. This course focuses on developing your speaking and listening skills. There is no formal grammar teaching and little emphasis on reading or writing skills. The language used is contemporary and colloquial. The course also offers an insight into culture and protocol. A minimum set of 10 lessons is recommended.


Travel lessons at Euro-Lingual Language School, a course for those who want to have basic skills of Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese or Russian before doing a travel to Europe.



     The special Intensive Travel set of lessons is the best starting option for preparing for a trip in Europe.   Our instructors, who are natives from the country where you will travel and know well each area of Europe, will make you know all the necessary information to enjoy your trip and they will provide you with useful tourist information for sightseeing which can not be known from  guidebooks.  

     We will inform you about the points of caution when visiting every place and we will also assist you in planning your trip.  We focus on beginner learners aiming to acquire fundamental communication skills and efficient support for a  memorable trip.


Topics Covered

In the Weekly Course, you will leave class each day with a new skill. You'll be able to say "Today, I learned how to do ".  Each class is based on a different communication skill theme, so it's easy to feel your own progress. During special intonation and speech training periods, you will practice the phrases you learn until you can use them correctly and accurately.  You will also improve your pronunciation and intonation through shadowing and other methods.

This course will cover 3-4 of the topics below, time permitting and according to the student's request:


 Simple greetings and self-introduction

Simple greetings and


Asking and giving directions on the street

Asking and giving
directions on the street


Private lessons with your requested topics!

Going shopping and
buying tickets

 Ordering and paying at the restaurant

Ordering and paying
at the restaurant


Taking public transport (train, bus, taxi, etc)

Taking public transport
(train, bus, taxi, etc)


Making friends during your trip!

Making friends
during your trip!

Other topics upon request:

  • Making appointments
  • Telephoning
  • Emergencies and asking for help.

Travel Lesson Advantages

Choose the favorite day of your lesson

Choose your favourite
course day!


Make-up lessons are always possible!

Make-up lesson
always possible!


Private lessons with your requested topics!

Private lessons with
your requested topics!

Cheaper than private lessons!

Cheaper than
Private lessons!


Both at school and Online lessons

Both at school and
Online lessons are OK!


Intensive Travel 
Lesson Price List


Min x Classes

used within 2 months

used within 3 months

50 min x 10 classes



50 min × 15 classes





50 min × 20 classes





All prices include VAT. 

❖  Private lessons:  Only.

❖  School hours:  Monday ~ Friday,  9:00-21:00, and Saturday 9:00-16:00

❖  Online lessons:  Also possible.

❖  Campaign enrollment fee of ¥5,000 is requested. You can use various contents such as: study abroad support provided by our school during one year of validity, participation in events for only members of the school, there is no need to pay the enrollment fee again when changing to the regular course, etc.

❖  A text fee is required separately.

❖  Trial lessons will be available at ¥3,500 (it will be refunded at the time of admission and it is actually free!).




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