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     The course is designed for managers or employees who are interested in business for professional reasons. We adapt to the linguistic needs and aims of your company and organise language classes in a location of your choice;  in your company (in-company lessons) or in our school. 

     The program focuses on the language of business, aiming at providing students with the basic vocabulary and professional expressions that are most often used. The topics are confronted in several ways: with topical readings from manuals used in business schools, as well as analyses of letters, office documents and newspaper articles about business.  After identifying the basic technical vocabulary and expressions, the student is helped to assimilate them through targeted exercises and discussions. 

     Define your own teaching contents together with our teachers!


 In our Language school of Umeda we offered private courses of Business Lessons and Sectorial Courses focusing on technical vocabulary, letters building, etc. with native speakers.

Business Lesson Advantages

Choose the favorite day of your lesson

Choose your favourite
course day!


Make-up lessons are always possible!

Make-up lesson
always possible!


You can arrange the content of the lesson to your speed

Arrange lesson content
according to your speed!

High quality lessons at a low price!

High quality classes
at a low price!


Both at school and Online lessons

Both at school and
Online lessons are OK!


Business Lesson
Monthly Price List


Min x Classes



50 min x 2 classes





50 min x 3 classes





50 min x 4 classes





80 min x 4 classes





110 min x 4 classes





110 min x 6 classes





All prices include VAT. 

❖  Private course only.

❖  Regular course:  Monday ~ Friday,  9:00-21:00, and Saturday 9:00-16:00

❖  Daytime course:  Monday ~ Friday, 9: 00 ~ 17: 00



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