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      Dynamic and lively conversations!  ...a never ending connection! This program is dedicated to our former students and it is also a perfect solution for all students who want to study with us but do not have a chance to come to EuroLingual to attend a full immersion program.  Individual classes via Skype are the best solution, if you want to keep in touch with your school and with your teacher.


Online tutoring from EuroLingual (Umeda, Osaka) is a language course to study European languages far from the language school.

     From your home or office you can converse, write, and complete exercises with the help of a teacher who will correct your mistakes and send you didactic material prepared on the basis of your particular skills and needs. The lessons simultaneously address both the spoken and written language and, if you have a webcam, you can also see your teacher via videoconferencing.


      Students have the possibility to choose their lessons time. The student has the same rights of any private student but with the freedom of doing his lesson at home.

   The only thing you need is an internet connection, a webcam and the Skype program that you can download free from here ...and you will be ready to start your private lesson in the comfort of your home or office! 

Online Lesson Advantages

Choose the favorite day of your lesson

Choose your favorite
course day!


いつでも何度でも 振替OK!

Make-up lesson
always possible!


Arrange lesson content according to your speed!

Arrange lesson content
according to your speed!

High quality lessons at a low price!

High quality classes
at a low price!


Since it is online you can save your time!

Since it is online
You can save your time!



One-to-one lesson

A native lecturer living in Japan trained with the EuroLingual method will teach you by 1:1 lesson using Skype.  For those who are far from our school or those who are busy and unable to take a fee, we offer lessons cheaper than usual.


Set freely
your schedule

Student and teacher  can adjust the schedule and then make his/her reservations for the convenient date and time.  Then, it is most suitable for those who are particularly busy.

If you wish, you can also fix the lesson day  and the time.


Easy to
change date

Lesson can be canceled until 18 o'clock on the day before the scheduled lesson. That lesson can be transferred for a later date (Please be aware that cancellation on the day after the prescribed time and the day before will be considered a given lesson).


Do multilingual lessons
as you want!

At EuroLingual you can learn  many European languages simultaneously, such as: Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, etc.


Use our services and
have a steady skill up!

Since we can have various services (study abroad support, events, etc.) offered by our school as a member, the environment for skill up and enjoyable learning is also given. 


Try EuroLingual
in a Trial Lesson!

You can actually take an online trial lesson and decide whether or not to start the lesson.

Cost: 3,500 yen (*refunded at the time of admission, it is real free!). 


Online Lesson
 Monthly Price List


Min x Classes


Private Lesson


Semiprivate Lesson

50 min x 2 classes





50 min x 3 classes





50 min x 4 classes





80 min x 4 classes





110 min x 4 classes





110 min x 6 classes





* Course schedule:  Monday ~ Friday,  9:00-21:00, and Saturday 9:00-16:00

* Online course:  by Skype



     It is also possible online payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) through your PayPal account.  For more information, contact us.


     For domestic payment it is also possible to use Yucho Bank, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation's account. For details, please inquire by e-mail ("Application for trial lesson from here").


Steps To Start

① Application for a
Trial Lesson

If you are interested in our lessons, please apply online for a trial lesson from the inquiry form.

After student notifies us for a convenient date and time, we will adjust our schedule and will contact you.


② Check devices
~ Trial Lesson

Those who do not currently have a web-camera, etc. should prepare the necessary devices and after that instal Skype.

We will contact you for checking before the time of reservation.


③ Start your

After the trial lesson, please complete the admission procedure within 15 days.

All exchanges including trial lessons will be done by e-mail, so you do not need to visit us.

Let's start the lessons! 

What do I need for my lessons?

What do I need for my lessons?


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