Cooking Lessons

    For those who love European cuisine, EuroLingual offers various types of courses and classes, for beginners, intermediate and advanced in groups (with a maximum of 10 participants) or individual.

     The courses are held in the school’s fully-equipped kitchen by professionals from the wine and food industry and in an environment which is professional yet friendly.  It is possible to prepare a complete menu or to prepare first courses, second courses or side dishes.

     Enjoy the culinary lessons  creating dishes of meat and fresh vegetable in spring; dishes of tasty fish  and salads in summer; dishes of potage, truffles, cabbage, chestnut and mushroom in fall; and dishes of poultry, tarts and cakes in winter.  Depending on the language level, courses may be taught in an European language (giving then the possibility to practice the language) and/or Japanese. Lessons start with the introduction of ingredients, a short description of the recipes and then one learns the true art of cooking by participating hands-on in an elaborate step by step process of the course meal you are about to create! 


Cooking lessons at EuroLingual, is a special event in group lessons to have culinary skills in European cuisine. Learn European kitchen and Italian, Spanish, French or English.

Singing Lessons

     Eurolingual offers the Singing Lessons (Diction Course) for people who are interested in following a career in singing or for those who want to improve their level in language.

     For singers, especially for classical singers,  it is very important to master a thorough technical ability and dominance over his pronunciation, synchronization and tone.  

     For other language learners, music connects across cultures and can break down barriers. Sometimes learning languages is like learning a musical instrument. Learning the lyrics of a song helps you expand your vocabulary and teach you some slang/typical phrases. Singing can actually help you to reduce your foreign-sounding accent! Music will help you to improve your language skills!

     A native teacher of our staff with experience in music will assist you:

  • To get the correct pronunciation and correct emission of the letters, vowels, syllables, etc.,
  • To teach the analysis and classification of phonemes,
  • To perform opera arias (diction and interpretation of lyrics and characters),
  • To do exercises on body language and posture and other important elements needed for effective communication,
  • To use a microphone and a record system in order to increase the ability of the student to listen to his own voice not just in the acquisition of correct pronunciation but also in the techniques of public speaking, etc.

     Music courses are offered on one-to-one basis. This allows students to reach their aims in accordance with their needs. Singing courses are also offered in combination with General Language Courses.


Singing Lessons at EuroLIngual (Osaka, Umeda) to practice the basic of language pronuntiation of Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese or Russian for opera, with native speakers.


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