英語レッスン講師の紹介 大阪・梅田と福島【ユーロリンガル】 オンラインも可能


ヨーロッパ語のEuroLingual“英語講師一覧”ページでは、英語のネイティブスピーカーまたは日本人講師のプロフィールをご覧頂けます。 当校の日本文化を愛する優秀な講師の映像も含めたご紹介により、私たちのメソッドや雰囲気を少しご理解頂けます。


パメラ先生 英語 EuroLingual

I was born in a city that is located in the east of Los Angeles, USA. lived there for a third of my life, then moved to Bangkok. Throughout my entire life, I have come to know many different people with many different backgrounds from many different countries and cultures, which led me to love traveling, trying new foods and the love to learn new languages.

After high school, I wanted to study things that are related to design as well as gaining another language at the same time. And where best to go other than a place where great food lies!  That is what brought me to Japan.  I ended up studying at a Japanese national university majoring in architecture design. And now, I am working in an architecture firm, in Osaka.


The one thing that I realized over the years is that learning a new language is a very difficult task where everyone has different learning styles. And that is the beautiful thing about EuroLingual!  Here in EuroLingual, we do our best to work with the students to find out what works best.  So, don’t be a stranger and come stop by to have some fun!  Looking forward to seeing you all here in EuroLingual!

出身: Los Angeles, アメリカ

趣味: 料理、食べ歩き、読書、旅行、ゲーム



長年の言語学習と教授経験により答えが出たことの一つですが、言語の学び方は多種多様で、それぞれに合った方法を模索するのは非常に難しい作業であるということを痛感しました。ユーロリンガルが素晴らしいのは、生徒様と協力し、何が最も効果的かを知るための最善を尽くしているところです。ですので、気後れせず楽しみながら学習を進めて参りましょう! ユーロリンガルで皆さんとお会いするのを楽しみにしております!


アウディ先生 英語 EuroLingual

I was born in Los Angeles (USA), but I have lived in many different cities around the world (USA, UK and Thai).  Ever since I was little my parents took me on vacations around the world: North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  After graduating from high school in Reading (UK), I majored engineering in Fort Wayne (USA).


During middle school I had a lot of Japanese friends at the international school I was enrolled at and have always loved Japanese culture and especially cuisine. I have always been passionate about learning new languages and other cultures.  During high school and after graduating from University I have studied German and French, and now I decided to come to Japan to study Japanese. 

I think the most important thing to learn a language and a new culture is good communication. Having a good method of study, such as that at EuroLingual, is important to achieve this goal.  My classes are fun and will give you all the keys to learn to communicate quickly and effectively. I love meeting and getting to know people from all walks of life and am looking forward to see you soon here at EuroLingual.

出身: Los Angeles, アメリカ

趣味: 料理、日本のテレビ番組視聴、映画、アニメ、ゲーム、旅行






ダンカン先生 英語 EuroLingual

I was born in a small city in Australia called Darwin. I studied Graphic Design at the University of South Australia, where I met my future wife. We’re now happily married, and I’m staying in Japan for life.


I run a free paper and I’m always involved in creative events. I like Japanese Craft Beer, cooking, reading classic books, going to art exhibitions, meeting other creative types or people doing their own things, and riding my bike around Osaka.  I love exploring Kansai!

I’ve been teaching at EuroLingual for many years now, which is the most relaxed school I’ve ever worked at. The students speak to each other in 7 different languages, and I always get embarrassed because I can’t speak Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or Russian to save my life.

出身: Darwin, オーストラリア

趣味: 料理、読書、芸術鑑賞とクリエイターとの恊働、バイク






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ケヴィン先生 英語 EuroLingual

Hi,  I grew up in Manchester, UK and I have travelled to many other places after going to the USA to work on cruiseships, which really broadened my horizons and opened up my world.  I travelled a lot in Mexico, a country I loved very much, and became proficient in Spanish.


I love learning languages and I enjoy teaching them too. Helping students become more proficient in English is very rewarding and fulfilling for me.  Language is a tool for communication and  English is becoming more and more important. It’s a fact that there are now more non-native English speakers in the world today than native English speakers. 

When I went to the USA I had a very strong Manchester accent which many Americans couldn’t understand, so I had to lose it in order to be understood.  I later went to live in Australia, so my accent is a little mixed but people say I speak clearly and slowly and I’m easy to understand, so come on and learn English with me at EuroLingual,  it will be fun!

出身: Manchester, イギリス

趣味: 読書、音楽鑑賞、写真、料理、自転車、ハイキング





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